Meet the Smart Tech

We are a company focused on the development of business and industrial solutions. Our main goal is employee training and process automation.

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Interactive training

We produce games with an ideal environment to simulate the work processes and train employees, leaving them able to perform their daily tasks.

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Automation solutions with A.I.

More results for your company

Get a complete solution for your business in front of global competition, produce quality, at lower cost and meets the norms and standards of their markets.

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Smart Tech Brasil is a company specialized in the development in software solutions for various platforms and in process automation. We mainly work in the market of training development and training of employees in an interactive way.

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Our Mission

Commit to the business success of our customers, leading them to the management of resources, technology and innovative features to empower your employees.

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Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best companies to provide services in information technology and employee training.

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Our values

Customer focus. Integrity and transparency. Simplicity with creativity and austerity. Methodology and quality to improve always. Teamwork with joy and security. Responsibility to the community and the environment.

Interactive simulator for training

Meet a modern tool to train and empower your employees.

Traditional training, in the form of expository learning, tends to focus on content and is not interactive, making excessive use of tools such as mass slides. Training through digital games, however, tends to focus on the process of driving content and the technology by which it is delivered, not just the content itself. In this way the traditional learning has as negative points little interaction, low retention of information and low engagement.

Practice of knowledge

You do not learn to ride a bicycle through a manual. Content needs to be experienced to be assimilated as it requires practice. Smart Tech Brasil produces games with an ideal environment to simulate work processes and allow playback in a controlled environment.

Decision making in complex environments

They are controlled environments with no risk to the business, but the most important is the employee's confidence gain so that he can receive feedback through indicators that will help him to act in real life in a way that perceives in advance what would be the implications for his decision making.

Accelerate learning

Smart Tech Brasil allows to reduce the time of development of skills and abilities of the employee, making him experience through the game experiences and situations that will occur throughout a career, creating a new class of employees called Novato-Experienced.

Evaluation and immediate feedback

Since it is possible to reproduce complex environments aligned with the context of the organization and allow the player to make decisions, it is also possible to evaluate the performance of the candidate in relation to the simulated situations and generate feedback for him on the situation, such as Accidents.

Protagonism and Systemic Vision

Understanding cause and effect relationships, and how they are affected through their decisions, the employee has a better understanding of their role in the work process, which can lead to better results for the organization.

Immersion and Engagement

By immersing and engaging the employee, the game prevents new information that needs to be communicated year after year to be compromised by the employee's low retention and assimilation.

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